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  1. Meztitilar

    Oct 24,  · Even more recently, the associated sense has grown up of embarking on some project without direction or planning or in a disorganised way. There is an equivalent Latin phrase nolens volens, formed from two Latin participles that mean “unwilling, willing”. It is sometimes said that willy-nilly is actually a translation of the Latin phrase.
  2. Doutaur

    ‘But willy-nilly one must, come hail or thunderstorm.’ ‘For their part, the interns had no special passion for aquatic life. They had been recruited at the last minute by a government summer job program and assigned, willy-nilly, to the aquarium.’.
  3. Mora

    Sin embargo el drama, la tensión y ese lenguaje directo, descarnado, como si le fuera la vida en ello, que se observa en esta de , la hace, para mi gusto, muy superior. El ciclo sinfónico de Beethoven es desde luego muy interesante (2ª, 3 y 7ª entre las más grandes, referencias en definitiva), no inferior al posterior con Viena (todos.
  4. Tojakasa

    Willy-nilly definition: If something happens to you willy-nilly, it happens whether you like it or not. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  5. Grokora

    Willy-nilly definition, in a disorganized or unplanned manner; sloppily. See more.
  6. Nikogar

    If they're used willy-nilly, they will merely increase public anxiety. The perception is that they are pretty safe drugs and are handed out willy-nilly, with a lot of pressure from some patients. We also couldn't go firing darts willy-nilly as they are very powerful. Large crowds gather and people just wander across the road willy-nilly.
  7. Daizuru

    Willy Nilly Lyrics: (Willy, willy, willy, willy, nilly, yeah, yeah) / (Willy, nilly, yeah) / Everything did it / (Willy, nilly, yeah) / The whole world hear it.
  8. Mukasa

    all over the place, in a random fasion. Get a willy nilly mug for your sister-in-law Julia.
  9. Batilar

    Directed by Mike Smith. With Sean Duffy, Mark Hadlow, Dorothy McKegg, Alison Bruce. In rural New Zealand, Harry and Eric are middle-aged men whose aged, tyrannical mother runs their lives. When she dies, serious questions come to the two men: "Should I have told her that I loved her?," "Who's going to cook the tea?," and "Pay for sex?" While Eric invites a goat into the living room to keep him.

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